Tiles and Maps Edit

Each side of the double-sided map tiles contains nine Regions in a 3×3 grid. Battlefield maps are constructed by the placement of map tiles. Each side of a map tile can only be used ONCE in a map. If you own two copies of a map tile, you can build scenarios that use both the A and B sides of the same tile, but not two A sides or B sides.

Tile Sets Edit

The base game includes a set of six map tiles (1A-6A, 1B-6B). Three map tile sets are available for purchase to expand the game. Tile Set 1 includes tiles identical to those in the base game - allowing players to use both sides of each tile in a single game. Tiles Sets 2 and 3 add additional tiles and terrain types to the game.

Tile Set 1 Edit

An additional set of the same six double-sided map tiles included with the Golem Arcana Base Game Set. You can use these additional tiles to double the size of the battlefield and play larger games.

Tile Set 2 Edit

An additional set of six double-sided map tiles that can be used to expand the Golem Arcana battlefield. These tiles feature more urban terrain and can be combined with the tiles in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set.

Tile Set 3: Marshes of Kesh Edit

War comes to the murky wetlands that surround the Hidden City. This package includes 6 double-sided terrain tiles for Golem Arcana, featuring a new terrain type--marsh. Up to two sets of these tiles can be combined with other Golem Arcana terrain tiles to add variety to the game or expand the size of the battlefield.

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