Overview Edit

Banners are the primary means by which units are identified in Eretsu and play a significant role in both lore and gameplay. Throughout the Kickstarter campaign a variety of banner designs were unveiled representing everything from factions to individual elite units.


Banners can be used during gameplay to help easily identify to which player a particular golem belongs. Players can also create custom banners within the Golem Arcana app and print them for use in their game to identify both established and custom units.

Types of Banners Edit

Banners are generally long and rectangular in appearance, though the bottom portion of the banner frequently varies in design and shape. Banners are typically comprised of a single dominant color or a primary/secondary two-tone combination and frequently employ background patterns. The most prominent feature of most banners is a symbol used to identify the faction, arcanum, or unit.

Faction Banners Edit

There are currently three primary factions in Golem Arcana, each with their own faction symbol.

Arcanum Banners Edit

Each of the four arcana is also represented by a symbol and a banner design, as seen in the original Kickstarter material.
Wallpaper LowerDurani 1920x1080 02

Sub-Faction Banners Edit

A number of sub-groups exist within each faction, each possessing its own lore and corresponding to a particular combination of arcana as well as to a specific region of Eretsu.

The six initial sub-factions in Eretsu are the Lower and Upper Durani Empire, the Blood and Crown of Uruk, the Samula Tribe, and Clan Sunu.

Elite Unit Banners Edit

A number of elite units also exist within Golem Arcana, many of them with their own unique banner.

Blood Knight Banners Edit

Many of the renowned Blood Knights also carry banners of their own devising.

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